Chapter 1 Johnny Cage Fights 1st Johnny Cage vs Reptile 2nd Johnny Cage vs Baraka

3rd Johnny Cage vs Sonya Blade 4th Johnny Cage vs Kano

Chapter 2 Sonya Blade Fights 1st Sonya vs Sub Zero 2nd Sonya vs Raiden 3rd Sonya vs Kitana and Jade 4th Sonya vs Kano

Chapter 3 Scorpion Fights 1st Scorpion vs Kung Lao 2nd Scorpion vs Nightwolf 3rd Scorpion vs Cyrax and Sektor 4th Scorpion vs Sub Zero

Chapter 4 Cyrax Fights Cyrax vs Sheeva Cyrax vs Baraka Cyrax vs Johnny Cage Cyrax vs Sektor

Chapter 5 Liu Kang Liu Kang vs Ermac Liu Kang vs Kitana Liu Kang vs Scorpion and Quan Chi Liu Kang vs Goro Liu Kang vs Shang Tsung

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